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In the Speel-O-Theek work enthusiastic volunteers. The board of the Speel-O-Theek also consists entirely of volunteers.



Speel-O-Theek Hoogeveen

Brede school de zuiderbreedte

boekenberghstraat 12

7906 GA Hoogeveen

Phone number:
06 – 816 29 058 (during opening hours) Else 0640368075

Opening times

14.00 – 16.15
14.15 – 16.30

Thursday 14.15 – 16.15
14.00 – 16.00
18.30 – 19.30

How much to borrow and for how long?

You can borrow 3 pieces of toys and a puzzle. You can borrow this for 3 weeks and you can usually extend it. In the Speel-O- Theek you can borrow toys such as books at a library. The Speel-O- Theek is for everyone.

Also for children and adults who are somehow obstructed in their development. The Latest News, information about activities and our regulations can be found on our website. You are of course also very welcome to just step in to watch or play.

During opening hours: 06 816 29 058



Toys are available for every age group and development phase. You can also come to us for outdoor toys. You can borrow the toy for a maximum of 3 weeks. So you always have different toys. You can also come to us for adapted toys and development material  The Speel-O- Theek is a place where you can make contacts, exchange experiences and seek advice.


A Theme box counts as 1 toy. You can borrow 1 theme box per loan. For non-subscribers, borrowing a Theme box costs € 3.50 (cutting card).

Extend and reserve

Borrowed toys can be extended 1 x; then it must be returned. You can renew in writing, by e-mail or by telephone (during opening hours). It is also possible to reserve a toy. The costs for this are € 0.50 each.

Music sheets

With a musical instrument 3 music sheets can be borrowed. This counts as 1 toy. The music sheets can also be borrowed without an instrument. Even then, 3 music sheets count as 1 toy.

Cleaning / counting

Members are required to count the numbers before the toy is taken. If a part is missing or damaged, this must be reported to the counter. This prevents problems with the return. After the loan period, the toy must be checked and returned clean. The employees / volunteers of the Speel-O- Theek supervise this.

Fine and damage

A fine is owed if a toy is returned too late. This amounts to € 0.15 per item per day (based on the number of opening days of the Speel-O- Theek).

In the event of damage to the borrowed material, compensation will be determined in consultation. The minimum amount is € 2.50.

If the damaged and / or missing part costs more than € 2.50 or the material can no longer be lent without this part, a fine or compensation will be set in consultation with the Toy Committee. The borrower is responsible for the borrowed material. Damage due to normal wear and tear is not fined.


If parts of the borrowed material are missing, you have the choice of either borrowing the toy again and looking for the missing part at home or paying a fee. This reimbursement is at least € 2.50.


We treat each other in a neat way. Swearing and calling is not accepted.